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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Wizard of Oz: "If You Only Had a Raspberry!"

Photo courtesy of Yahoo! Canada. To read the inspirational article on today's "miracles" go to
It's a miracle
When the sea waters part,
People are saved,
And chariots drown.
It's a miracle
When a fellow man dies,
But is raised from the dead,
Free from his thorny crown.

But it is rather sad
To hear today
That a fat-burning pill
Is a miracle too.
It's a waste of a word,
But be that as it may.
We should simply ignore
All this showbiz zoo.


  1. Ah, the all-knowing Oz has moved on from the acai berry to the raspberry, has he? Since I try to do the exact opposite of everything Dr. Oz suggests, I guess that means I'm taking raspberries off my diet :) Take that Oz!!!!

    Very nicely put Will Dapple. Very nicely put.

  2. Thank you! Your support is splendid! Many thanks for being candid!