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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

June 26, 2012 News Report

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Drama continues at Elliot Lake—
People are still trapped under debris.
Nobody knows how much more time it’ll take;
Let’s hope all trapped there
will soon be free.

Canadian Tire to open its driving school!
Sign up for classes!
Learn many a driving rule!
Whatever your dream car is—
Lada or Hummer—
Classes begin later this summer.

Beloved Big Ben is no longer a boy;
He is called Elizabeth now; oh, what joy!
But why mess with what people love?
This is strange.
Has Big Ben just had somewhat of a sex change?

J. Sakic, P. Bure, A. Oates, M.Sundin:
The Hall of Fame wise men are calling you in!
All four got more points
Than some of the teams!
Those years were years of magic, it seems.

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